Today, Save the Children have launched their new campaign “95 Babies” and it’s an important message they want to get out there. IF EVERY MUM HAD THE HELP THEY NEED TO BREASTFEED THEIR BABY DURING THE FIRST FRAGILE MOMENTS AFTER BIRTH WE COULD SAVE 95 TINY LIVES EVERY[…]

One day last week my husband received a letter from Specsavers. At least he sort of did. His name was in the addressee area of the letter but it began “Dear Mr [insert random name here]”. My husband was a bit bemused but since the details in the[…]

I was so scared of feeding my son, but we tried.  And we kept trying over the next four or five days, each time feeling that it wasn’t working, he still couldn’t latch on, it was never going to work. I hadn’t realised at the time that he[…]

I got my antibiotics, and also started to hand express some milk to try and feed Sid with.  It was becoming so painful to feed him that I had tears in my eyes. We struggled over the weekend trying to get through a very difficult situation. On Monday[…]