I’m very happy about this, so if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’re likely to have heard this already. I run two businesses and one of them operates as a direct sales/party plan type business. I’ve spent a couple of years slowly building it up. It’s[…]

As I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, which requires 31 posts of at least 100 words each this month, my Wordless Wednesday posts during January won’t be as wordless as usual. So, I took this picture in the early hours of New Years Day.  I know[…]

Ahh, post holidays. Some of you make be back at work now, but I’m not re-opening the studio until the 5th January. Having shut up shop on 22nd December, this gave me a glorious two week break. From what I’ve read on Facebook, Twitter and other blogs, I[…]

There are lots of challenges out there for 2012 – many, many reading challenges and lots more besides but I made the conscious decision not to take on more challenges that will consume too much of the little time I had.  I’ve taken on the Ultimate Blog Challenge[…]

It’s here then. 2012. The year the world will might probably won’t end. The year we host the Olympics. I’m not one for making resolutions. Making a resolution won’t make me do something I didn’t really want to do and if I really wanted to do it, I[…]