Interview with a …. six year old


It’s that time of year again when I ask Bean a series of questions and note his answers here for your delight and delectation. I first did this two years ago, and when I did it last year, it was interesting to see the difference a year had made. Another year has definitely had an impact.

How old are you? Six

How old are Mummy and Daddy? Well, Daddy’s 45 and I don’t know my Mums’a age. But I think she might be 36 [I’m 37, but I’ll take 36]

Who is in charge of the country? The Prime Minister. But I don’t know his name.

Who is the Queen? Queen Elizabeth II. She’s been on the throne for 60 years. And she went to a nursery to celebrate being on the throne for 60 years and her father was called King George VI (that a V 1) and he died while Elizabeth was on holiday in a different country, not in England, far away from where she lived and then she got a message that her father had died and she had to go back to London and get crowned the Queen and that’s everything I know.

What’s your favourite food? Pasta bake and spaghetti bolognese

How do you make pasta bake? Umm first you put your apron on and chef’s hat if you have one. And then you get some mushrooms, take the stalk out and chop them into little pieces. And if they’re big ones you have to make sure you chop them very well into medium sized pieces. And if you’re working with your mother, your mother chops up some peppers and whilst they’re doing that the hob is boiling with a pan on top and that’s where youre going to put the mushroom and peppers. Then you start on the sauce. You get some passata and mix it up with some basil (chop the stalk off and rip the leaves up). Then you put them int a bowl take them to your mum who puts the basil into the pan on the hob. Find some pasta and put in a separate pan of hot water, then wait for a while. Tip the pasta into the sauce and mushroom, basil and pepper and then get some mozzerrella and sprinkle it over the top of the actual pasta and rest of the things. Then put it all into the oven in a saucepan without the lid on and then set the timer to how long you want it to be baked for and not too long so that your child has to blow every time they pick up a piece. And when its done one of the parents can get up, get how many bowls they need then you serve it and then they bring it in and then {you don’t have to say this but im going to} and then you can enjoy.

Whats your favourite song? The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

Where do carrots come from? Underground. They grow from a tiny seed

What do you do at school? Work and play. We do work mostly but we have outside playtime every day but on Wednesday afternoons we go outside to play and when we come in when it’s our in time, we get to play with lego cubes and all sorts of things, we get to go in the writing corner. Once a few days ago in this year, in winter, I was kept in because I didn’t take my wellies in with me to school so I had to stay in and once I was in and I just wrote and I was in the writing corner and I wrote to Rebecca I put a love heart and underneath I put Becks and I didn’t bother to write in the corner Rebecca dot because I thought people would know who Becks was and I didn’t bother writing S either and I was going to put 1D too but I didn’t have time. It was in time and I had to sit on the carpet with everyone else.

What does Mummy do when you’re at school? Well, not on a Monday but the rest of the days she does her job Precious Memories. She has clients come and she asks them what they want casting and what kind of D they want it in, she gives them options of 2D or 3D.

What does Daddy do when you’re at school? Well, he drops me off at school then goes to work and works most of the day. And if Mummy picks me up and we go to Asda, he’s always there waiting for us when we get back and he has to help Mummy unpack the shopping, and then when its all done he has to get Plum.

How does a car work? By its engine.

Where do babies come from? Mummies’ tummies. And usually the Mummies go into hospital to have their babies.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Ummmm a TV presenter.

What do they do? Do I have to tell the people at home watching television what’s coming up next? Do I say “and now …” but I won’t say “and now”.

What will you call your children? If ones of them is a girl I might call her Rebeccy – it starts with the same letter as its mother. And if it’s a boy I will call him Ian, it’s the same name as me, just without the C

What is something mummy always says to you? I love you muchly. And there’s something else she says “Would you like to go to the beach today?” If it’s a sunny day. Sometimes. [ahem. We live about as far from a beach as it is possible to be in England]

What are your favourite toys? My Bakugan, my track for my Hexbugs and Hexbugs, but the red one has been on a shelf for quite a long time and its still out of battery.

What makes you happy? Seeing Sam when I’m upset. And when he goes *waves arms and legs about and sticks his tongue out and makes a funny noise*

What makes you sad? When Sam won’t let me play his game and it’s an easy game

What’s the best thing in the world? Living in a small house because there is more room in complicated physics – you know space physics. Not outer space physics, how much space is there in a box physics

So there, you have it. Bean’s ability to go off on a tangent can rival Eddie Izzard’s, there’s more room in a small house and Bean is an authority on the Monarchy. And I love him muchly.

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  1. Oh wow, that is fabulous! I must dig out my questions and do RoRo again – and I guess I can try LaLa, too. I just love the insight these interviews give into their minds.

  2. He seems to be a really smart guy! The interview must have been really funny, I’m sure he has enjoyed it a lot:)

  3. Brenda @ Fiction with a Purpose on said:

    This is wonderful to read and I love your blog… I was hopping around for WW and found you!

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