Getting Back in the Groove

Going from posting once a day in January to hardly posting at all in February was not what I had planned, and it’s far from ideal. I think I took a bit too much on board.

Hot on the heels of completing the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I entered into the realms of the Ultimate Video Blogging Challenge. I knew what I wanted to do for each of the videos but I really hadn’t considered how much time it would take to make each one. One a day was therefore a little ambitious, but I managed it for the first 5 days. Of course, managing to produce a video every day meant I didn’t have time to also post here every day and that began to slip.

And then I was ill. Plum and I both got tonsillitis at the same time. I think I thought tonsillitis was a bit of a sore throat, until I got it. A temperature of nearly 40 for each of us, aches, pains, shivers, sore throat and then some. It knocked us both flat for five days, and even now, an additional six days later, I’m still recovering from how much it took out of me.

So, not only did I not post here, but I didn’t make any videos either. I’m now 10 days behind on the video blogging challenge and I know that I am not going to catch up. It’s just not possible – I’m getting really busy in the studio now too, the post-Christmas blues apparently having lifted – client enquiries have gone through the roof this week. I will continue with the video blogging, not least because I had already planned to make a series of craft videos and having started I think I should continue. Just not at one a day. I think I’ll aim for one a week from here on, which should see my current list of projects running out by the end of the year!

You never know, I might even be back here later this week with a proper blog post!

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  1. I am doing the blog challenge in July 2012 and I am expecting to be very busy but it sounds like you have a lot on your plate as well. Please don’t overstretch yourself and take care. I hope to see you in the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 🙂

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