World Book Night – Your Chance to Take Part

World Book Night is on 23 April.  I only found out about World Book Night yesterday evening, but think it’s an amazing event and wanted to share it with you.

The very first World Book Night took place last year in the UK and it saw 20000 people taking part to give away a million books to those who rarely or never read.  It was a huge success and so this year it is back  and this year it has hopped across the pond too – World Book Night USA is born!

The premise is simple.  Ask those who are passionate about reading to choose their favourite book and give them 24 copies of it to give away for free to people who rarely read.

I have applied to take part this year.  I had a browse through the list of books available this year and really struggled to narrow it down – so many good books, including classics and modern novels.  I think there is something for everyone there.  It took me a while but in the end I chose, in this order, The Time Traveller’s Wife, Pride and Prejudice and finally, Notes from a Small Island.

If you’d like to apply to take part, you have until 1 Feb to apply.  In the UK, you can apply here and in the US, you can apply here.

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2 comments on “World Book Night – Your Chance to Take Part

  1. I heard Andrea Levy I think it was on Radio 2 last night talking about this. Am hoping to have a nosy at it later on when I’ve time to read through the list rather than rush through it right now.

  2. Thank God there is an option for Europe! And I will tell my sister, who is in the States:)

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