Ding Dong ….

Earlier this year, I was offered the chance to join a new(ish) party plan business.  It sounded intersting. Very interesting.  There were clearly some teething problems to sort out, and some things which were yet to come online, but overall it tempted me.

And then I realised that I already have a very good business.  If I were to set up another one, then it would take time and energy away from my existing business and that didn’t seem like a very bright idea to be honest.

Having said all of that, I then became …. an Avon Lady.  I know, I know.  Where am I going to find time?  Well, let me explain.  My Avon Lady retired a little while ago, and I waited patiently for a replacement.  But a replacement did not materialise.  And so I decided I wold be my own Avon Lady.  And I reasonsed that it would take very little effort to put a brochure through a few doors in my street once every three weeks.  When I signed up, I made clear that I did not want to make this into a “business”.  I did not want to recruit people, or go for leader status, or win challenges or anything else.  And I am sticking my guns.  I am.  Despite the fact that in three weeks I’ve been asked twice to think about becoming a Sales Leader and plan to join President’s Club.  But I am sticking.  So I will continue to pop my books through a few (140) doors in my street.  And perhaps use it as an opportunity to deliver info about my casting and book business at the same time.

So, I won’t be touting for online sales, parties, recruits or anything else.  I will use it as a chance to walk up and down our hill a few times a week.  I just hope it doesn’t rain too much.

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  1. Hi Nicola,
    It sounds like you made your decision for the right reasons. ie that it works well with your existing business plan.
    Good luck!

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