Sadie Rose Needs Your Help

Sadie Rose is a beautiful two and a half year old girl from Knaresborough in North Yorkshire.  She was born in August 2009 and she weighed a healthy 8lbs 6oz, but just 14 months later she was diagnosed with a childhood Cancer called Neuroblastoma. Less than 100 children in the UK are diagnosed with Neuroblastoma each year.  Neuroblastoma is a cancer of specialised nerve cells which are involved in the development of the nervous system and other tissues.

Sadie survived frontline treatment in the UK which included 70 days of chemotherapy in November 2010, followed by major surgery in February 2011 to remove the tumour above her left kidney and which was wrapped around the aorta. Despite the risks, Sadie came out fighting and after just over a week in hospital, she was able to go home.  The following month, she underwent an intensive course of High Dose Chemotherapy to prepare her body for her Stem Cell Transplant.

Unfortunately as a side effect from her High Dose Chemotherapy she developed a potentially life threatening disease of her Liver, called Veno Occlusive Disease (V.O.D), which caused her tummy to swell.  She gained over 2kg in just a few days due to fluid retention. The disease took over Sadie’s body entirely and her consultant prepared her parents, Katie and Darren, for the worst. However Sadie pulled through and was discharged from Leeds General Infirmary after 8 weeks.

In June 2011 Sadie had three weeks of radiotherapy and in July she began immunotherapy.  After two weeks of this Sadie had a seizure and an emergency CT scan revealed a tumour on the right hand side of her brain.  The following day, she had a four hour operation to remove the tumour, which tests later revealed to be cancerous.  Sadie then had more chemotherapy and at the end of this six week course, tests revealed the tumour was still growing.

In November 2011 again started radiotherapy in preparation for the last stage of her treatment plan – 8H9 therapy.  This treatment takes place at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in America, and costs half a million pounds.  Sadie’s parents raised a lot of money for the treatment, and with some very generous donations, the money was eventually raised to pay for this life-saving treatment.

Sadie is currently in New York with her parents, and has been having pre-treatment tests.  During the tests last week, more tumours were found.  It became clear that the planned treatment would not be enough, and the money raised thus far would not cover the additional treatment needed.

I read Katie’s blog where she broke this news and where she talked about the possibility of bringing Sadie home and making her comfortable.  Reading that post broke my heart.  Plum is now the age that Sadie was when she was diagnosed and I cannot imagine what her parents must have gone through in the last year and a half.  I don’t know how they coped with it.  But they have and they are still fighting for their daughter.

They have been told that in order to for Sadie to receive the additional treatment she now needs, they must raise an additional £150 000 in less than 7 weeks.  They’ve been through so much, come so far, it seems incredible that yet another obstacle should be thrown in their path.

If you would like to donate to the fund, the easiest and quickest way to do this is by text.  You can donate between £1 and £10 and you simply text SADI99 £10  (you can change the amount as necessary) to 70070.  You will be given the chance to opt in to gift aid when you receive your confirmation text.  You can also donate on Sadie’s Just Giving Page.

You can read more about Sadie’s journey on the Sadie Rose Clifford Appeal website.

If you can make a donation, whether big or small, please do.



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