Chaos Will Ensue

I ought to be in bed.  It is 2am again and tomorrow I have a busy day.  Not because I have lots and lots of things planned but because tomorrow it is Bean’s Birthday Party.  It will be chaotic.

Last year, when Bean was in reception class, there were 53 children in his class.  It was a double class with double the teachers and classroom assistants and double the resources.  And double the party invitations.  And double the number of children to invite to Bean’s party.

This year, those same children are in two different classes. We’re doing what we did last year though,a nd holding a joint birthday – 53 children enevitably means that dates are hard to come by for parties at certain times of year.  It made sense to join forces. We did it last year and it worked well, so we’re doing it again this year.

G, whose birthday is on Monday, is in the other year 1 class. She and Bean have known each other since they were two.  Between them they have invited over thirty five children to the party.  The children are going to decorate a tshirt each, with fabric pens, before parading them before the end of the party so we can award a prize.  There will be pass the parcel, because Bean believes a party is not complete without it.  Several other requests have been made – musical bumps, in the whatsit on the doo-dah, that sort of thing.

By early evening I will no doubt be frazzled and ready for a day of rest.  Handy that I’ll be at a baby show on Sunday then.

Jelly and ice cream anyone?

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One comment on “Chaos Will Ensue

  1. I hope everyone had a wonderful time at the party and the kids loved their T-Shirts. What a wonderful idea…

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