What husbands don’t know

Well, I’m sure we could all write a book about this one.  Together we could create an encyclopaedia to rival Britannica.  With that in mind, I shall narrow the topic, every so slightly.

I recently read this article about 6 Things Husbands of WAHMs Don’t Know and found myself nodding along as I read it.  Number 1 was the one that really hit home:

When your “Do Not Disturb” sign is up – Unless you have an official sign that your family members can see, it can be difficult for them to sense the boundaries between Working Mommy and Regular Mommy.

I need to get myself a DO Not Disturb sign.  I’m guessing this is a problem in most households where someone works from home, moreso when someone is combining parenthood with working at home (and by that I mean actually having the children at home with you during the day).  I am a Work at Home Mum.  Plum is with me 24/7 pretty much.  She is just over thirteen months old and I have yet to leave her overnight, even with Stonelaughter – her Daddy and my husband.  I haven’t had more than a few hours away from her in one go. So, I work with Plum.  That is to say, my work does not keep set hours, because Plum does not keep set hours.  I work when I can.

Which is great for me and Plum but tends to make it more difficult for everyone to spot the metaphorical Do Not Disturb sign. It means Bean has a knack of needing to tell me something vitally important just as I pick up the phone to call a client.  It means Stonelaughter interrupts some stream of thought more often than he knows. And it’s not (always) their fault.

I may adopt the same solution to this as Mommy Mojo and tell Stonelaughter that if my fingers are flying over the keyboard, then my Do Not Disturb sign is up.  I think its probably fair to say that if I’m just mooching about on Faceook for instance, and not actually doing some work on the computer, then my fingers do not fly, but adopt a much more relaxed speed.  And since I rarely have long conversations on the phone, if I’m on the phone, my sign is definitely up!

But when it comes to kisses, cuddles, smiles, tummy tickling, dancing and messing about with the kids, I can always find time to be disturbed!

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7 comments on “What husbands don’t know

  1. I have to get me one of those DO Not Disturb signs too. The kids are never the problem its usually the hubby that pokes his head in when I’m deep in thought. But I have to remember that its through my hubby’s unselfishness that I am able to be at home and if he needs me. I’m there, we might skip the tummy tickling but for everything else mentioned above.

  2. My husband also has his own business working from home. While we don’t have the actual sign, we do know each other’s body language. If I look up when you come in the room, you are ok to communicate with me. If I don’t, it’s probably not the best time unless it’s important.

    Every now and then, though, we do have to make it clear. That’s when we get verbal!

    “Honey, I’m really busy, can we talk in 45 minutes?”

  3. Great article! I love that I am not alone in this struggle 🙂

    I work from home, and although my children are both in school there is still a lot that I do for them during the day. My biggest problem is when my husband says “hey can you pick up – drop off – call” tomorrow? if I am not clear about my boundaries I end up working for my husband and the kids with all the errands they want me to do rather than working for my business.

    • oh, yes I know that one. It took a loooong time (and sometimes it still doesn’t stick) to get hubster to understand that working from home means w-o-r-k-i-n-g from home not watching [insert inane tv programme] at home. He used to ask why the housework wasn’t done when he came home from work, since I’d been at home all day. I suggested he took the ironing basket to the office with him the following day 😉

  4. my other half annoys the hell out of me when I’m working on client fanpages or twitter and he makes a quip about it not being real work! I remind him to tell the washing machine that next time he puts clothes in it 😉

  5. Liz Beavan on said:

    A ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign is just what I need! I am constantly sighed at by my hubby for ‘messing about’ on the computer when I am doing work. I think if you enjoy what you do then it is impossible for them to understand that it is still a job! At the moment my ‘office’ is in a corner of the living room which isn’t great so the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign will have to be hung around my neck lol! ;o)

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