How Do You Check Yours? Let’s Go Viral

It’s the time of year again when inane viral messages make their way around Facebook.  You know the ones – where you post a mysterious message about what colour knickers your handbag is wearing and where it’s going to on holiday – and these are apparently raising awareness about breast cancer.

I read three blog posts this week (Use Your Words; I’m Going to Your Mum’s PLace for 22 Months; Stupid Facebook “Breast Cancer Awareness” Posts) which I wholeheartedly agree with.  I cannot see a point to these status updates.  You do not raise awareness about breast cancer, its symptoms, what to check for, or how to donate by refusing to mention the C word, or tell half the population what your update means in the first place.

However, I have decided on a path – if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  Since so many people seem to enjoy taking part in these viral status updates, why not make it worthwhile?  And so I am starting my own (hopefully) viral update, which anyone can join in (yes, men too!) and I’m asking you to join me.

It’s called “How Do You Check Yours?”

The idea is that you post one of a series of “cheeky” updates, followed by the phrase “How do you check yours?” and a link to this page, which contains links to videos of how and when to check breasts and testicles, what symptoms to look for, where to go for support and how you can donate to a cancer charity.

Are you with me?

The choice of cheeky updates are: (and these are based on advice about the best time to check for lumps in breasts and testicles)

  • I check mine in the bath
  • I check mine in the shower
  • I check mine in the mirror
  • I let my partner check mine 😉


So your update might read:

I check mine in the bath. How do you check yours?

So, I encourage, implore, beg you to go and post your status and then let everyone know what it’s about – this viral update is not about secrecy – it’s about letting as many people as possible know what action they can take to protect their health, where they can get support and how they can help.  We don’t want to keep that quiet!

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3 comments on “How Do You Check Yours? Let’s Go Viral

  1. I’m frustrating and trying to come up with an alternative too!!

  2. Alison Pinney on said:

    This is something that has been brought home to me this week after I found a lump under my armpit on Sunday morning. This lump came up quite suddenly and was very painful (maybe the pain is a good sign as I hear that most lumps are painless)

    Anyway, went to docs about it who suggested it may actually just be a boil and gave me penicillin and to go back in a week if not gone.

    Pain has been so bad I took Wednesday off work and went back to docs where I’ve had blood tests to check my white cell count as it may just be an infection somewhere in my body.

    The pain has now gone but the lump is still there and it is clear to me that it is not a boil. I have been very paranoid this week and checked myself constantly while I’ve been in the shower, almost OCD like!! I have had aches in my breast near the lump but there are no lumps there.

    So, now either wait for my blood results or face going back on Monday if the lump is still there. It is very worrying and I have been trying to keep myself busy (not too hard for me though)

    I would urge ANYONE to go get checked out if they discover a lump, not matter how big or small.

    Seeing this post, is a reminder that everybody should be checking themselves.

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