Blowing Away the Cobwebs

January the 16th.  The sixteenth day of the new year.  By anybody’s standards, we are well and truly estalished in the new year of the Gregorian calendar.  I’ve been back at work for a week and a bit. And yet ….

I had trouble staying away from the studio over my two week break, and had to nip in for a couple of hours. Eventually though, I managed to enjoy the time away from it and enjoy the break.  So much so that I’ve had trouble getting back into it.  The online stuff hasn’t taken any getting back into, but I’ve struggled to find any motivation for getting any work in the studio done.  I’ve been in and pottered, tinkered, done a bit of this and a bit of that, but nothing substantial, until yesterday. Of course, it didn’t help that it’s cold in there.

What was holding me up was the need to get Big Bertha out again.  I love working on BB, but getting her out is a bit of PITA to be honest and I always put it off.  So yesterday, with Stonelaughter looking after the children, no fixed engagements planned, and the weather fine, but bloody cold so cold, in fact, that the jug of water I keep in the studio for making pastes etc had frozen solid), there was no excuse.  Out she came.

Mindful of the fact that I lost my voice on Thursday and it still hasn’t returned, and with the memory of a chest infection and several asthma attacks still fresh in my mind, I needed no encouragement to don the correct wear for this procedure.  I hate to think what my neighbours thought of me (both sets of neighbours looked out of the upstairs windows whilst I was mid Bertha session!), but I had on several layers of my old work clothes, including thick socks and woolly gloves, my thick leather work gloves, dust mask and safety goggles.  I kid you not.  I learned the hard way that plaster dust in the eye when you wear contact lenses is not a fun way to pass the time.  I won’t trouble you with a photo of me in this gear – I’m sure the mental image is vivid enough for most people. Now imagine me in that gear, post marathon Betha session, white from head to toe, except for my hair which turns a nice shade of old lady grey.  And then I take off my goggles to reveal the only bit of skin not covered in plaster dust. In my nightmares, it is at this point that [insert current hot movie star] pops round for a pint of milk.

An artist's impression of what I might have looked like yesterday - minus the beard!

So anyway, it turns out that all I needed to do was to get Big Bertha out of her Christmas hibernation.  Now I feel raring to go again. Hurrah!

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