Feeling Inspired?

Yesterday, on Facebook, I saw an event posted which got me thinking.  It’s called the Post-It Note Challenge and it seems to be very simple.

This idea is that you write some inspiring words on a post-it note (other self adhesive note products are available) and then post it in an inspiring place.  And then take a photo of your inspiring words in the inspiring place you posted them.

It got me thinking.  What words do I find inspiring?  A quick look at the challenge page tells me what sort of things people are posting.  And I can see why – but when I think about the words that I find most inspiring, I come back to the same quote, time and again.  It’s a quote I’ve held close for years now, and it pushes me to allow myself to shine, to find out who I am, and it reminds me of the magic that can happen as a result.

Woman changes the world when she gives birth to herself.

So, which words do you find most inspiring, and where would you post them?

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4 comments on “Feeling Inspired?

  1. I like this idea. The first thought that comes to mind is to post the words “I have the freedom to choose” on top of a green hill with views. I am going to reflect on this idea.

  2. Words on a post-it note, put in the right place, can change a person’s day. I heard about doing that in public bathrooms, department store dressing rooms, restaurants, etc. Guerilla motivation.

  3. I love quotes, and often scribble them down when I come across something that sits well with me. Today I read this, ‘As soon as you can choose what you really want to do, it is a different kind of life’ Buckminster Fuller. For a post-it might need to be this little bit of Bill Bass, ‘When in doubt, wear red’.

  4. I have a very similar quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Never thought about posting them around public spaces though, that’s a very enlightening idea.

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