Wordless Wednesday: Property of Pandora

On Sunday we visited one set of in-laws for a post-Christmas-and-New-Year catch-up.  While we were there, my father-in-law offered us this chest.  It’s not really in the spirit of my de-cluttering challenge, to bring something else into the house, but I love boxes and chests so I jumped at the chance to have it.

It seems to me that it’s full of possibilities.  Bean likes to play with the catches (on a recent shopping trip where I was looking for a new bag, he suggested any numer of bags with horrendous shiny buckles and locks – he’s obsessed!) and also to drum on the lid.  Plum, in her new know-no-fear outlook on life now she is fully mobile, likes to climb on it and stand on it, dancing.  I like to think of it as a pirate treasure chest, and wonder if I hope hard enough, will I open it to find it bursting with golden dubloons?  FiL suggested it as a toy box.  I rather think I may have found my new stash box for all my yarn and fabric 🙂

It may not get rid of any clutter, but it’ll do a damn fine job of hiding some of it from view!

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29 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Property of Pandora

  1. it is a very nice chest..I would have not been able to turn it down either.

  2. It is a very pretty chest! Love it 🙂

  3. Very nice and apart from looking nice it will come in useful 🙂

  4. I’m glad you got this off your chest…. Seriously, though, it IS a beaut. You should get years of use out of it (once you get Plum off your chest — it’s darned difficult to open & close the lid when somebody’s dancing on it). Congratulations on your new acquisition, & use it in good health. Thanks for sharing about this, & have a treasure-filled WW.

  5. What a beautiful chest!

  6. That is precious!
    I like that old look.

  7. I LOVE your chest of possibilities! 🙂


  8. the possibilities are endless…

  9. Awesome!! I’d deem it a pirate chest, too. ;D

  10. Hiding the clutter from view is all that really matters…at least in my house!

  11. Gorgeous chest! Thanks for linking up at Momma T and Baby E!

  12. What a beautiful chest.

    My entry.

  13. That’s a really lovely chest..the uses for it are really endless.. stashing your craft material in it sounds great!!

  14. I love stuff like that. I definitely would have kept it too! Happy WW!

  15. Very nice. I wouldn’t use it as a toy box. I would use it for the crafts. Hope you get a lot of use out of it and it helps with getting the clutter under control.

  16. Very cool chest — I would jumped at the offer. So glad everyone is having fun with it.

  17. That’s a beautiful chest. I definitely would have accepted it, too.

  18. I like it!… & I like your blog and following you for FB, GFC & Twitter! I hope your visit! Happy WW!


  19. I agree with all who said they would have accepted this chest as well. It is attractive storage space!


  20. Oh, I love the chest. Beautiful!

  21. Love the chest! I would have taken it too!

  22. It’s very lovely. And I agree…..use it for your own storage. It’s too pretty for toys.

  23. Oh, I love it. Looks great. 🙂 I would have taken it too.

  24. I love chests of all kinds and desperately want the one my mom has… but she is using it. So, I’m biding my time… someday!!!!

  25. Yes! You have to have some great places to stash some of the things you’d otherwise have to give away for the purpose of decluttering the house. Sounds good to me!

  26. I think this is the perfect place to stash your sewing stuff!

  27. If you have kids I have a feeling that they will claim this for themselves!

  28. I want to have this kind of chest as well. Its like a treasure where all your precious things or memorable things are all in store there. Nice post!

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