The Decluttering Challenge – Week 1

Well, if ever a week was going to be easy on this challenge, it should be the first week, right? So much clutter to choose from!

Well, if I was going to count each individual piece of clutter I get rid of, then I would be over half way through the year’s challenge already.  However, there doesn’t seem to be much of a challenge in that, so this week, I counted sets and categories of things to get rid of.  I don’t think I have been too harsh on myself by doing that, but if I’m struggling for numbers by the end of the year, I’m so going to revise the numbers from this week (there’s no way I’ll be struggling for numbers – I see clutter everywhere I look.  I must remember that the children and husband are not clutter.  Well, maybe the husband ;-))

So, here is what I have decluttered this week:

 1 tin of 17 bindi – freecycled

7 pots of bindi glue – freecycled

7 sets of mala beads – freecycled

10 mala bracelets – freecycled

one canvas Buddha picture – freecycled

One hand carved Buddha statue – given to a friend

17 boxes of handrolled Indian incense – given to a fellow volunteer

23 packets of handrolled Indian incense (different kind) – given to a fellow volunteer

92 packets of handrolled mini incense sticks – given to a fellow volunteer

3 tubes of handrolled tibetan incense – given to a fellow volunteer

5 incense holders (3 small holders and 2 incense boxes) – given to a fellow volunteer

approx 20 scented sachets – given to a fellow volunteer


Running total = 12 (203 individual items)

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2 comments on “The Decluttering Challenge – Week 1

  1. Well done, I am useless at de-cluttering… I am a hoarder! Although having just moved to France from the UK I did have to have a bit of a clear out to get all my stuff in the van.

  2. Ekk I could do with a de-clutter!! We have filled 2 sacks of rubbish over Xmas and not even a dent in our lives!!

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