Happy New Year

It’s here then. 2012. The year the world will might probably won’t end. The year we host the Olympics.

I’m not one for making resolutions. Making a resolution won’t make me do something I didn’t really want to do and if I really wanted to do it, I wouldn’t need a resolution. So I don’t make them.

I have goals for this year, of course. I want to continue to push myself in my businesses in terms of quality, income, innovation, marketing.  I’ve spent some of the little downtime I’ve had over the Christmas and New Year holiday planning for 2012.  I hope 2012 knows whatt’s going to hit it! I want to help have a positive impact on the breastfeeding rates in my immediate area and I’ll be taking the next step towards this goal later this month.  And I want to get more crafty.

This last one is a real challenge. I know quite a lot of people consider me to be a crafty sort of person already (in the able-to-make-things sense, rather than the sly-as-a-fox sense), but I don’t feel I do nearly as much as I would like. I also feel that I’m rather heavy handed and lack the finesse needed for some crafts. So my challenge will be to find time to do more, to try my hand at new stuff and not to break the bank whilst doing it. As the very grateful recipient of not one, but two of Kirsty Allsop’s craft books this Christmas, I’m hoping Kirsty will be there to lend a hand.

So what do you have planned for this new year? Do you make resolutions, and if so, do you stick to them?  Have you set yourself goals, be they personal or business? Are you raring to go, or hoping to hide under the cover a little longer?

Whatever 2012 has in store for you (and you for it!), I hope it brings you peace, health and happiness.

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2 comments on “Happy New Year

  1. great goals for 2012 there I hope you manage to furfil them all 🙂 I have not set any resolutions or any major goals yet we’ll see what comes I think and go from there 🙂 I do hope that 2012 is wonderful for everyone in whatever way they are hoping x

  2. Happy New Year to you !
    I don’t really make any resolutions as such but do have key goals and targets that I’d like to achieve personally & professionally.
    Here’s to a fantastic 2012 for everyone 🙂

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