There are people who make things happen.
There are people who watch things happen.
There are people who wonder how things happen.

minor car park mishap, laryngitis and a sniffly baby? A quiet day at home, that’s what. After getting home from the conference yesterday we went out for dinner. Afterwards in the car park, some shifting about was needed in order to get Plum in the car, since the[…]

So it’s Sunday, the day after Party plan Conference and Awards. After a ridiculously early start yesterday and a long drive, Stonelaughter and the kids spent the day exploring Bournemouth whilst I went to the conference. Whilst I was attending talks on social media and getting more sales,[…]

So, it’s conference day. I’m here in Bournemouth after a fairly easy four hour drive and I’m at the conference, right now. We decided it would be easier on Plum if we all came to Bournemouth – she still wakes for feeds in the night and she refuses[…]

I read a lot of emails and info on the interne, giving advice to small businesses, Mums who work from home, those looking to create a passive income. Ebooks seems to be a popular choice – write an ebook about something you know a lot about and sell[…]