Merry Christmas

I’m sitting here at twenty to one on Christmas morning, waiting to go to bed.

The children are in bed, the presents are wrapped and under the tree. The mince pie has been eaten, soda water (don’t ask!) drunk, carrot nibbled and evidence of such dutifully left on the coffee table. The stockings are filled and are sitting on the carpet in front of me. I daren’t return them to their rightful place yet, for fear of waking one of the kids.

Which brings me to the main reason for this post. I have questions, and lots of them:

Do the children in your house hang stockings up hoping Santa will fill them with treats?
Where do they hang them – in their bedrooms, the living room, somewhere else?
What gets put in those stockings? Presents, sweets, games, treats?
Whose job is it to fill them and how do they do it?

When I was little, my brother and I each hung one of Dad’s old army socks at the end of our bed. It would be filled with clementines, nuts, chocolate coins, a chocolate santa, and some small presents. My Dad would fill these stockings when he thought/hoped we were asleep, filling them where they hung and the scarpering off to bed sharpish.

I daren’t do this. I have been blessed with children who are light sleepers and the thought of trying to fill stockings in the room makes me feel sick. It’s hard enough to grab the hanging stocking out of the room to fill in peace downstairs and return them again. How do you manage this feat?

We fill the children’s stockings with chocolate coins, a chocolate Santa, and a variety of games and puzzles (this year there are lots £1 wooden puzzles and toys between them) – things to keep them going until its time to open presents from under the tree. This is something that happens quite late here; we spend Christmas with my parents and since my mum is a priest, she has duties to perform on Christmas morning. It seems unfair to start without her, so present opening starts late and carries on for much of the day at a slow, leisurely pace – I don’t like a free-for-all frenzy of opening.

However you do it in your house, I hope you enjoy the kind of day you have been looking forward to. Merry Christmas!

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2 comments on “Merry Christmas

  1. This year Harry choose to hang his stocking on his door handle. When we filled it, we placed it on his bed. It had a small bottle of drink and a small container of crisps, which have both come from Nathan’s family tradition. Also had s chocolate Santa, gold coins, mallow Santa legs, some small vehicles, two books, a colouring set and a colouring book. We also unwrap tree presents late, and this is to keep him going until then.

  2. Daina Lieu on said:

    Happy christmas!

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