Competition: Rhyme and Sign

Precious Memories have teamed up with the Little Signers Club to offer the opportunity to win one of three sets of Signing Hands; Nursery Rhyme and Sign along with two nursery rhyme finger puppets.

How to enter:

1. Make sure you are a follower of the Precious Memories Facebook page;

2. Post the following on the Facebook page: “On the first day of Christmas Precious Memories teamed up with Little Signers Club to run a fab competition – visit the BLOG to see how”

3. Email your full name, address and contact number to with the title LITTLE SIGNERS COMPETITION

Competition closes at midnight on 12 December.

Baby signing is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as a fantastic way to build your child’s communications skills from 6 months onwards. At this age, a baby’s gross motor skills are sufficiently developed to make simple gestures. During a time which can be very frustrating for both parents and babt, signing enables a baby or toddler to bridge the communication gap before speech begins properly and helps them to show their parents what they need and want.

Traditional, well loved rhymes, sung in conjunction with signs, are perfect for interaction and fun with children of all ages. Singing and using signs with babies is a lovely way to encourage bonding and language use. Singing is now recommended for all little ones from fetal stage and the continuation of using nursery rhymes with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers helps children to develop syntax and rhythm with speech.

Signing Hands; Nursery Rhyme CD and lyrics pack helps you to gently encourage your child with gross and fine motor skill development through action songs whilst slowly building up your baby signing vocabulary. Containing colourful pages, clear BSL signs and beautiful music that your baby will love this book also has tips for getting started with baby signing from experienced teachers at Little Signers Club. Older brothers and sisters will also love joining in with the songs that they know well! It’s is perfect for singing and using signs whilst out and about, in the home or other settings.

By using signs with popular nursery rhymes, you and your baby will naturally and easily be able to incorporate signing into your day – you’ll find it easier to remember signs that you use frequently and this will aid you in building signing routines with your little one.

Shelley, founder of Little Signers Club, says “Quite simply, baby signing is the use of gestures to help babies and toddlers communicate before speech begins. We love using songs with signing in classes as it makes the interactions so much more fun. Nearly all babies enjoy singing and with older babies, the action songs are definitely a favourite! Increasingly we are seeing that children are learning kinaesthetically – the visual prompt of the sign in conjunction with singing the word helps babies make the connections between word and sign more quickly”.

Signing Hands; Nursery Rhyme and Sign (RRP £12.50) can be purchased from

To find out more about baby signing classes or becoming a teacher go to

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