It’s Time to Open the Advent Calendar

It’s the first of December which will no doubt mean that me little Delay Fish, Bean, will find some superhuman kind of speed when it comes to getting ready for school, so that he can open his Advent calendar before school.

Ahh, the joys of Advent when you’re 5 years old.

I don’t want you to miss out though, dear reader. And so, like a Fairy Godmother, I will be serving up a series of offers and giveaways for you during Advent. Each one will be for a limited period only though, so you’ll need to get your skates on to take part.

The first one is for a great gift for kids and it’s called Peace, Love and Vegetables.

Meet Herb, a dragon who knows how to stay true to his values even in the stickiest of situations. When he is captured by the castle’s knights in armour, vegetarian Herb is faced with a difficult decision: will he eat meat in order to save his own life? This gift set includes a storybook, Herb bendy toy and a reusable box with activity ideas.

Here’s a review for it:

Peace, Love and Principles

Well-written, Colorful, Stories, Great illustrations

We love this set. The story is well written, and had my four-year-old on the edge of his seat. What will happen? Will Herb be alright? The story has the right balance of suspense, and had my son animatedly telling the humans they’d made a mistake. The bendy toy helps him retell the story over and over; Herb is his new hero!

To enter, simply answer the question below and sumit your details. The question changes each day, but you can only enter once. This competition ends on December 7th and you must be resident in the UK to enter.

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