6 Hats

No, not De Bono’s thinking hats, but my own six hats: mother, life caster, bookseller, blogger, peer supporter, PTA Vice-Chair.

Today I am wearing 5 of them. I’m blogging (clearly) whilst breastfeeding my daughter. I’ve spent the morning baking cakes for the PTA Christmas Market this evening. This afternoon I will be getting the hall set up for the Christmas Market and then this evening, I will be a life caster and bookseller, as I tout my wares on my two stalls at the market.

I could probably come up with at least three other hats that I wear, but 9 Hats just doesn’t work in the same way 🙂

Short amd sweet today. toooo busy to stop for long!

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2 comments on “6 Hats

  1. I have a similar post coming about my to do lists, for all my hats. It was the school list of PTA requests that finished me off this week so I truly do take my hat off to you! Life casting? Sounds interesting?

  2. I find myself swapping between hats most days but it’s those days where you have to try and wear them all simultaneously that get a bit stressful.

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