Making It this Christmas

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat ….

… and it’s times like these when I realise just how much spare cash we had when we were both in full time employment. It’s the first Christmas since I packed in teaching, and although we’re doing OK, we haven’t got the disposable income we used to have. My new business is still new and it’s doing well, but it’s not up to full speed yet (I hope!) and as our family continues to increase, we’ve had a think about how to tackle Christmas presents this year, for adults at least.

Christmas in the Barefoot household has never been about how many presents were under the tree, and we’ve always had a strict (and fairly low) limit on what we spend on the kids. I know lots of people spend hundreds of pounds on each child, but we’ve always stuck closer to £50 per child, and as they are almost 1 and 6, that seems to be fine. With this not-about-cash mentality, it’s been quite an easy decision to choose that we will make presents for adults this year. Very Blue Peter-esque, although I’m hoping we (I) will produce something a little more useful and well received than this BP effort….

One of the infamous Blue Peter scenic makes

I’ve found some great sites with making ideas on them, and have chosen a handful of ideas to have a go at. Bean’s teachers will be receiving handmade gifts again this year – last year they had handmade chocolate bark, which was very well received. This year some will be getting homemade body scrub (made from natural ingredients) and some will be getting homemade chocolates. I’m thinking of spreading the chocolate love beyond his teachers though, and so am coming up with flavour combinations to try out now so I can choose what will go in the selection given away. Something nutty, something fruity, something floral, something spicy …

I have some other ideas for family (which I won’t disclose on here, just in case any of them actually read my wittering informative posts). What I can say is that I don’t think I have time to crochet any gifts this year, so their gifts will be crafts which I have not previously tried. Kirsty, eat your heart out.

And I fully expect to be awarded a Blue Peter badge when I’m done.

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3 comments on “Making It this Christmas

  1. I popped round to a friends earlier and she was making a handmade quilt for another friend – what a lovely idea!

    My presents may not be as ambitious as that (aside from the fact that I dont have the skills;) but home made choc ect are on the list this year.

    Giving someone something you have put thought, time and effort into really is the best present you could give them.

  2. Every year I think about making gifts and every year I seem to find some excuse not to. I’ve almost finished our Christmas shopping for this year but I’d forgotten about the teachers at school so I’m now off to google some ideas…. possibly involving chocolate!

  3. A girl after my own heart, I so want a Blue Peter badge too. And I used to teach, and my business is getting there slowly, and Christmas may be on a budget, and £50 per child sounds very bloomin reasonable to me, when did Christmas get so silly. Here here, great post. Sorry it’s taken me ’til day 21 of nablopomo to find everyone!

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