A Bit of This, A Bit of That

I’ve just sat down with my hot chocolate (yes, I am 93) and realised I haven’t blogged today. Oops.

It’s a busy day really. After a bit of an unintended lie-in, a mad dash to get the kids up and dressed so SL could take them to park over the road where there was a County football tournament happening; Bean wanted to go and see his school team play.

While they were out of the house, I got ready for the first of today’s clients. A pair of sneaky grandparents had booked their grandson in for a 3D casting whilst they were babysitting today, in order to present his parents with a fabulous surprise on Christmas Day!

Five minutes after they left, my next clients arrived, having driven over an hour to get to me. We created a lovely 2D cast of their little daughter. Once they had left, I filled all the moulds and went indoors for a cuppa.

After lunch, I had a mad dash into town to pick up Bean’s Christmas present. We had decided a little while ago what we wanted to get him, but it took some tracking down to find exactly what we were after. Having found it last night, we found that there were only 4 left in stock, so off I popped to make sure we could get one of them. It’s not big, it didn’t cost much at all, but it will mean the world to Bean 🙂

Back in time to turn out the casts, tidy up and prepare for another client who was coming to collect their frame and log my latest orders. This client didn’t arrive though (not sure why yet!), so I busied myself making tea for the hungry troops instead. I must have done something right with me “throw it together” dish tonight, because everyone cleared their plates, including Plum.

Now I’m sitting with my hot chocolate, planning world domination (well, my sales plan for next year) and designing some Christmas presents for family and trying not to look at my diary for the next couple of weeks – I’m not sure when I’m going to have time to think between all my events!

So, how was your Saturday?

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