Parents’ Evening – Gloom or Glory?

So, Bean’s year 1 parents’ evening was earlier this week.

When I was a teacher, if the student was present with their parents, I would always ask them what they thought I was going to say about them, especially if they were a bit lazy, or poorly behaved.  Not one student ever lied – they would either say, rather coyly, that they didn’t make enough effort/misbehaved/whatever it was they did or they would mumble into their beard.  I found that this worked well – the student being the one to say they weren’t pulling their weight.

I continue that tactic with my son.  I do it, because I want to know if he is aware of how well he is doing and what areas he could do with improving in.  He’s only 5, but it’s good to see a level of awareness like that.

So after our consultation with his teacher, I asked Bean what he thinks Mrs Smith told us about him.

I’m slow when I work.  I need to hurry up.  And my writing isn’t very tidy.  It’s been getting a bit crap *sharp look from me*, I mean scrappy and I need to make it smaller and neater.  And I’m a good reader and mathmatician.

Well, that just about sums it up – he is very aware of what he does, what he doesn’t do, what he’s good at and where he needs to make a bit more effort.  So, we just need to encourage him to make that effort. Half the battle is that he knows he can do better with his writing, but he also knows he daydreams at the drop of a hat (although he calls it concentrating).  In addition to all of the above, his teacher also said he was able to give good answers in class, and although he might be slow in writing (due in part to still struggling with finding a comfortable writing position, being left handed), he is able to express himself well verbally.

I like his teacher.  She is down to earth, realistic, experienced.  And she wants me to persuade the head teacher to get Barefoot Books into school!

I’m pleased with how he’s settled into his new class.  The boy done good.


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2 comments on “Parents’ Evening – Gloom or Glory?

  1. Awwww… and well done mum for helping the boy do good! My friend is a primary school teacher and her oldest son just started reception. It’s been quite a process for her figuring out how to let the teachers do their thing without being too critical or overly involved. But on the flip side, it means she has a better sense of how to make the most of the experience for him from the beginning, whereas I fumbled through the first few years of my daughter’s schooling!

  2. Sounds like he is doing good! I’m not sure Harry would be able to respond like that, you know, knowing what he has to improve and what he is doing wrong and right – i may have to ask him tomorrow.

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