Little Shoes

Or “The Great Shoe Hunt”.

Sometimes, it pays to know people who know about stuff. When it comes to finding gorgeous shows for a little girl with tiny feet, this is definitely the case.

I would normally never consider buying shoes on the internet for my children; I want shoes which are made with proper development of the foot in mind and which are fitted by someone who knows what they are doing. However, when the brands known for this don’t cater for young, early walkers, you have to think again.

We have family abroad who are more familiar with some of the brands who do make shoes that fit Plum.  I would never have known about them without this – a google search for shoe brands in the size we need did not come up with much beside Clarks and Startrite, but family put me on to a brand called Kai Can Run.

I was able to find out enough about the brand to feel confident that they would treat my daughter’s feet well and having had her feet properly measured, I decided to bite the vullet and order some shoes. When they arrive, we’ll do our best to make sure they fit properly.  Fingers crossed.

But, aside from all the fitting issues, the other issue we had was that the shoes available in smaller sizes were not really very nice to be honest.  What happened to pretty shoes?

Anyway, here are the shoes we have ordered.  Pleeeease let them fit!

Pretty Shoes

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One comment on “Little Shoes

  1. Debbie @ business mums on said:

    Oh those are just soooo cute – I want to buy little girls shoes again. My daughter is nearly 9 now and has inherited my unfortunate gene where her feet grow first ahead of the rest of her body – so she is already in adult size 4 and asking for shoes designed for teenagers. I so miss cute little shoes with flowers on them……

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