Baking with Bean

After spending half the morning searching for shoes for Plum, I spent much of the afternoon baking with Bean.  He wanted to try out some more of the recipes from his Kids’ Kitchen card deck and had spent some time during the week choosing what we would make today and making sure I knew what ingredients we would need to buy.

So, he chose blueberry muffins and carrot cake.  The recipes are easy to follow and he was able to read out the ingredients and the instructions.  However, since we have to be gluten free, we needed to make some amendments.  I was changing the recipe on the fly though, and hoping, for his sake, that the changes I made would work and we’d have edible gluten free goodies.


Thankfully, they all worked and he loved the look of the muffins as they came out of the over.  He had chosen which one he would have “just to test they’re OK” before they even came out of the muffin tin.  When they had cooled and we eventually got to try them, he loved the fact that the blueberries had turned the cake blue!

Carrot cake is Daddy’s favourite cake ever, and so he was quite obliging about trawling around the local shops looking for passion fruit 🙂 And he even took over “helping” Bean grate the carrots whilst I fed Plum.  Bean loved folding the flour into the very goopy sugar/oil mix and would happily have drank the passion fruit juice we put in, but managed to let it go in after being promised a slice for pudding.

So here is, modelling his cakes – the carrot cake has blended in a bit, covered as it is, in lemon flavour cream cheese icing.


And for the record, Daddy loved the carrot cake.  And he knows carrot cake 🙂

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  1. I LOVE carrot cake, but have never had the confidence to make it. Or maybe I’m just lazy and prefer picking it up ready-made with loads of delicious cream cheese frosting on top. Want to come by my house and make carrot cake?

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