These boots weren’t made for babies …

Having said I was going to wait a little while to get Plum’s feet measured, I caved in and took her to Clark’s today.  She is a size 3H. Just.  Clark’s first walkers range starts mainly at size 4, with a couple of styles in a 31/2 and one style in a 3.  The size 3 is out of stock.  We tried some lovely shoes in a 31/2 but they were just too big.  She has weeny feet and Clark’s are clearly of the opinion she shouldn’t be walking yet.  But she is.

To be fair though, although they showed me what they had in her size from the cruiser range, they advised against buying them because they were of no benefit to her.  They also said that the lovely little shoe/boots I had my eye on (which don’t come below a size 4) were not ideal for her anyway, because they would make it more difficult for her to walk.  But they were soooo lovely 🙁

Beautiful Boots!

So now I’ve got to try and fit in a trip to Nottingham next week to see if Startrite have any of their 3G shoes in stock, and if they are wide enough for her.

Or maybe I could stetch her feet a bit?  Perhaps Willie Wonka would lend me his stretching machine?

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3 comments on “These boots weren’t made for babies …

  1. Definitely ring them first – I have one kiddo with the narrowest feet known to man and I always ring round before going anywhere cos 9 times out of 10 it’s pointless … unless you go to the most expensive, italian kids shoe shop – then they’re bound to have a gorgeous pair for 90 quid!!!

  2. Ooh I agree, those are some gorgeous boots! I bought little one’s first (and the majority since) boots from Clarks. Same problem as you – she started walking when she was so little so it was difficult finding proper shoes to fit her!
    Good luck xx

  3. Debbie @ business mums on said:

    I just wish Clarks & Startrite would agree on sizes. In Staines they are both in the same shopping centre. I got my kids measured in Both on one day. The sizes differed by 1 1/2 sizes, one said she was wide (nonsense) the other said she was narrow (more like it). If I go to any other shop how am I to know what size to look for.

    Good luck in getting you little ones first shoes. That time is so special….

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