These Boots Were Made for Walking

well, these feet were made for walking, at least. And when I say these feet, I mean my daughter’s feet, of course.

Next week she will reach the ripe old age of eleven months and this week she has been busy perfecting the art of walking. About a month ago, she took her first step. Just one. She clearly wasn’t enamoured with it, because she didn’t take another one for two weeks. And then she left it another two weeks before deciding, this weekend, that she would take eight steps to show off to Grandma. Never mind that Mummy was working and so wasn’t there to it. Yesterday evening, she tried again, and again, and again, taking arout eight steps each time she tried.

Today, she’s been pretty much happy to keep crawling, although she has walked (tottered) a couple of times. This evening, she decided to show off and walked off across the room after the ball that had run away from her, kicking it a bit further for good measure.

And so. My daughter is walking. At ten months of age, she is walking. This both delights and scares me. My son was nearly 16 months old before he walked, although this didn’t stop getting into mischief. I was quite prepared for the same again and so am a little in shock to realise she’s going to be running around before I even start planning how to celebrate her first birthday.

And so the next hurdle is shoes. We have steadfastly refused to put shoes on her feet until she actually needs them, wanting to allow her feet to develop into their natural shape. She still doesn’t need shoes of course, since she’s not likely to be walking outside a great deal, but it will only be a matter of weeks now until that changes. I think most mums love the moment their offspring gets their first pair of proper walking shoes. With my son, it was a very special moment, and he loved it. Of course, he was a bit older too. May daughter, on the other hand, hates having anything on her feet. She has a nice pair of hand crocheted booties which are beautiful, but which she will not entertain. Socks are removed in seconds, tights are pulled until they four times their original length. My daughter is in training to become the next Barefoot Mahala (barefoot woman) of this family. I hope Clarks make shoes with Plum-proof fastenings!

So, if you see me out and about, looking a bit more frazzled, hair a little greyer than normal, you’ll know why 😉

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2 comments on “These Boots Were Made for Walking

  1. Those first steps are lovely and exciting. What a great adventure! Enjoy the journey ahead and good luck finding shoes!

  2. I love it when they start walking! Good luck with finding shoes that she will want to keep on! x

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