Wordless Wednesday: I Wanna Hold Your Hand

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25 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: I Wanna Hold Your Hand

  1. Oh this is beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous – do you make them? Is this your hand? Fiona ohhh and someone else who’s heard of Samain – off to check out that post 😉

  3. So pretty – and so meaningful. Love it!

  4. Thanks for hosting.
    New follower,

  5. This would make a awesome anniversary gift for my husband! So neat! Happy WW!

  6. That’s a fantastic sculpture! I have hand & foot casts my mom made when I was very young, each grandmother got one. The set is back together now that both grandmoms have passed. Very powerful.

  7. Lovely sentiment, and one I can related as a grandmother the embracing of the young and old.

  8. Neat sculpture!!

  9. Beautiful.

  10. Love it!

  11. Fantastic. This is such a cool shot.

  12. Sarah Mac on said:

    Beautiful – what an amazing talent to have!

  13. Simply amazing 🙂

  14. Very cool. I love the contrasts in the skin.

  15. That just is the most interesting thing!

  16. Oh, I’m in two minds about this… it’s sort of sentimental but also a bit creepy the way the hands looks severed!

  17. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Brenda Youngerman on said:

    This is beautiful!

  19. That is just beautiful….

  20. Very Cool! Thanks for sharing and linking up for WW!

  21. This is gorgeous. We did one of our baby a few months ago and I wanted to do one of my hubby and I holding hands – you’ve inspired me to get the kit out this weekend so we can make some more!

  22. Beautiful & tender sculpture. Thanks for sharing! Have a hand-in-hand WW….

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