Colour Me … Giving

Thousands of Brits have taken part in the new global Own A Colour fundraising initiative, which is raising crucial funds for UNICEF, the world’s leading children’s organisation. In a surprise twist on gender stereotypes, most men are ditching blue shades in favour of red hues, turning tradition on its head to disprove the old adage, ‘blue is for boys’.

The Own A Colour website offers the chance for everyone to buy their own personal colour for a minimum donation of at least £1 per colour. Faced with more than 16.77 million colours to choose from, 39% of red-blooded men veered towards the colour of passion when shopping for their colour.  Men also showed their romantic side when buying colours as gifts, with 44% of men opting for a shade of pink or red for friends and loved ones.

Pink packed the biggest punch in the popularity stakes and proved to be the most popular colour overall, with 21% of Brits purchasing a shade of pink.  Yellow and green were the least favoured colours.

Own A Colour has the potential to help UNICEF transform the lives of millions of children across the globe. The initiative is powered by Dulux, that has a mission of ‘Adding Colour to People’s Lives’.  Michael Newsome, Director of Fundaraising at UNICEF UK said,

UNICEF is really excited that people from all over the world are snapping up colours.  There are plenty left so get onto to join in the fun. At the same time you could save a child’s life, so why not?

Matt Pullen, Marketing Director Dulux UK said,

Thousands of people in the UK have bought a colour to raise money for UNICEF and current colour choice trends show men prefer to see red! It is great to see the characteristics such as passion, warmth and romance are not just the preserve of other nationalities such as the Italians. The Own A Colour initiative has shown British men aren’t afraid to show their true colours in aid of such a worthy cause.

Global Own A Colour buying patterns show the UK shares its love of red with Japan, Taiwan and China, where red is the colour of joy, good luck, happiness and prosperity.
Visit for more information and to purchase your own colour for a £1 and help transform a child’s life.

So, which colour will you choose? I feel a bit sorry for yellow, being one of the least favourite colours, but did nothing to boost its popularity I’m afraid, since it’s not a colour I favour.  However, I love green.  Not all shades of green you understand, but some shades.  I find it soothing, healing.  My car is green.  It’s called “Metallic Healing Green”.  I’m not sure why a car needs to be healing but there it is.  I chose green, in case you hadn’t guessed.  And here it is.

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