We’re going Barefoot

We’re always Barefoot in this house really, and this afternoon we are going to Oxford to attend the official opening weekend of the new Barefoot Books studio.  I’ll come back armed with photos (I’ve seen a sneak preview and it’s a child’s dream!).

So this morning, Plum and I have been watching the animated videos that accompany some of the books.  Plum’s favourite was Over in the Meadow:

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2 comments on “We’re going Barefoot

  1. That sounds like one of Harry’s books that we’ve had for a few years… are Barefoot stories originals? Do we have a Barefoot book maybe?

  2. It’s a traditional English song, which has been adapted for this book. Some of our books are completely original and some are retellings or adaptations of traditional songs and stories from around the world.

    It’s quite possible you have a Barefoot Book, but this one is a fairly new title, so I don’t suppose this is it 🙂

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