A Postcard from … Ireland

A Postcard from … Ireland

Our first postcard from Postcrossing, and this one came courtesy of a Postcrossing meet-up in Dublin. Six Postcrossing members met up together in Dublin and each signed this postcard for my children before sending. Bean was delighted by all of the pictures on the front,and especially liked “the stone man”.

I think he’s going to be excited by this project!

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3 comments on “A Postcard from … Ireland

  1. Cool postcard……so much green! Ireland’s is on my bucket list, for sure….

  2. Hi, I’ve just been revisiting old postcards I’ve sent through Postcrossing and have been led to your blog and thus to my postcard. I am so glad your son enjoyed the postcard.
    Best wishes to the family and regards, Nora (ned44440 on Postcrossing)

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