Boxing Clever

What’s in the box? What’s in the box?

A business, that’s what!

Have you been thinking about starting your own business? Perhaps you want a change of direction or you want to earn extra money alongside your current income. There are loads of opportunities out there, but I want to tell you about one close to me.

I’ve sold Barefoot Books since Bean was a few months old. He’s now nearly 6 and he loves books. Loves them, devours them. Plum is showing signs that she will follow in his footsteps. Books are a Good Thing.

So, it would come as no surprise that I would sing the praises of selling children’s books – quality children’s books, that children and adults love and that have something to say. I have a team of over 40 people who agree with me, but one thing we have found is that sometimes people don’t know where to go next after they’ve signed up. Barefoot have just made it so much easier!

Announcing …. Business in a Box!

It's a Business. In a Box!

From today, when you sign up with Barefoot Books as an Ambassador you’ll get your hands on a great starter kit. It contains a whole range of books – currently thirteen of the most popular titles, covering all age ranges; other products – currently one puppet, two puzzles and two card decks; and a raft of marketing materials and business tools. In addition you get your own web portal, free training and great incentives, earning you even more great products. There really is everything you need to get selling straight away. It’s fanastic value (the contents of the box are worth over £200, and that’s without the training and web portal) and it’s shipped for free.

I really can’t recommend this enough. There are not many ways to set up a business for less than ninety quid these days – this is a great opportunity for anyone serious about running a business. Join my team today and I’ll be happy to add more value – mentoring and guidance to really make the most of the opportunity.

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