Going in the Right Direction

Although I finished my peer supporter training some time ago now (it feels like years ago, but it was some time around the end of May/beginning of June in reality), the assessment that went with it took a bit longer to organise, so I didn’t get assessed. Until today.

I’ve known about this assessment for a few weeks and have been dreading it. I missed the training session that covered the assessed topics – attachment and positioning – and all the hilarity surrounding the knitted boobs and so I was nervous about doing the assessment.

I’m happy to day that I shouldn’t have worried; after breastfeeding two children successfully, I know about attachment and positioning and was able to make it through the assessment! I even made it through the hand expression bit of the assessment, even though I missed that training too (same day) and I’ve not been very successful at it myself – apparently there are some thigns that a breast reduction op does make more difficult!

However, assessment passed, rota completed for running the Breast Friends Drop in group, and I can continue supporting new mums in their breastfeeding journey. Next week, I’m going to another SUre Start area to talk to their new crop of peer supporters about the work we’ve been doing, specifically the new system we have set up where we call new mums within 72 hours of birth/coming home from hospital, in an attempt to cut down on the number who give up on breastfeeding within those first few days.

To think that a little over a year ago, I had not thought of being a peer supporter at all.  By chance I found out about theaining my local Sure Start were putting on and asked to be included in the first round when it was up and running.  Now here I am, helping to run a support group, calling mums to offer support and encouragement and getting involved (in a minor way) with the training of new supporters.

My life is going in a very different direction now compared to 18 months ago and I’m loving this new path.

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