A Postcard from … Ireland Our first postcard from Postcrossing, and this one came courtesy of a Postcrossing meet-up in Dublin. Six Postcrossing members met up together in Dublin and each signed this postcard for my children before sending. Bean was delighted by all of the pictures on[…]

Months and months ago, I saw some links from Facebook to a website called Postcrossing. It’s a site where members send postcards to each other.

Today I have a guest post on the Precious Memories blog called “A Day in the Life of …” Go and read it.  Now. Please. And, indeed, thank you.

When Dr William Sears coined the term babywearing in the 1980s, I’m fairly sure he meant it to mean “the use of all the various types of baby slings”, and not “wearing babies as a fashion accessory” (at least we hope so!) In fairness to the human race,[…]

some pretty inspirational people, as it happens. Hearing other women’s stories, and what spurred them into action, what they have achieved, the journey they have taken is quite a special thing. I know there’s a lot of debate around the term “mumpreneur” and I have to be honest[…]