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One of the things many people love about Barefoot Books is the gorgeous artwork to be found in each and every book; Barefoot believe the artwork is as important as the story itself. If you ask any Barefoot Ambassador, I’m sure they could all tell you their favourite artist from the Barefoot family. My own is Clare Beaton – I love the fabric designs she makes from vintage fabrics, and it was one of her books that first got this family hooked on Barefoot Books. They are lots of other artists whose work I love though.

Now, I’m giving you the chance to get your hands on an exclusive art print from one of the Barefoot Books. These prints are truly beautiful and are not available for sale, but I have managed to get my hands on some. Visitors to my studio will see this print on the wall, and I have three further copies to give away.

The print, called “A Person’s Life is Just a Moment in Infinity”, features in “The Genius of Leonardo”, which is illustrated by the very talented Bimba Landmann. The book looks at what it might have been like to work with Da Vinci, through the eyes of an apprentice and features many of Da Vinci’s oroginal words and sketches.

To enter the competition, complete and submit the form below (you’ll need to visit my Barefoot Books website to find the answer to the question). Entries must be submitted by midnight on 8th September. Good Luck!

This competition is now closed.

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