Wordless Wednesday: Eye, eye

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16 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Eye, eye

  1. Aye aye! I love eyes too!

  2. Mrs. Cox on said:

    Great idea 🙂 Oh the things those eyes have seen…

  3. Interesting shots of the eyes!

  4. aye yi aye I believe I have identified all of those eyes 🙂 The wet one had me going…but it came to me after a bit what it might be.

  5. Kind of neat to see all the differences. What on earth is the second one? No idea.

  6. This is sooo cool!

  7. EYE see you! =)
    Happy wednesday!

  8. I love eyes! So beautiful!

    Thanks for linking up with me.


  9. Really interesting. I like the horses eye! 🙂

  10. Love your eyes. I wouldn’t have guessed the sealion. Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thanks for linking up 🙂

  11. Freaky!

  12. OOoooooh… What great pics!!! You clearly have an “eye” for photography! Happy Wordless Wednesday… Hope you’re having a great week, full of blessings… 🙂 http://www.OliviaBlueMusic.com/

  13. the eyes have it!
    could not pass up a pun.

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