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Recently, I decided to nominate Precious Memories for an award. The Mum and Working Awards recognise various aspects of being a working parent and the Franchisor of the Year Award specifically recognises a Franchise company which goes the extra mile to be accessible and flexible for parents.

Well, this is exactly what I found Precious Memories to be – I joined the company just 3 months after giving birth to my daughter, and flexibility is vital to me. Half way through the summer holidays, and it’s the flexibility of working this way that has allowed me to continue with my business and look after both my children all summer, giving me time for days out and weeks away.

That’s all very well, but before you can take advantage of these things, you actually have to buy your franchise. Over the last few years, I’ve looked at several franchise opportunities and the one thing they all had in common was the fact that there was no way I could raise the kind of money they were asking for. At Precious Memories, the franchise fee is a small fraction of others I have seen, and it comes with realistic payment options. This was the real key to me being able to set up my business.

So, I decided to nominate Precious Memories. Everyone in the company is a parent to young children and we all know what it’s like to juggle. Which is why everyone is supportive of each other and ready to pick up the slack when someone needs help or time.

We’ve been shortlisted for the award!  It would be great if you could pop along to the judging page and “like” Precious Memories. These likes are taken into account by the judges and it would really mean a lot to me if we were able to progress further in this process

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