Missing in Action …

well, this week has all gone a bit haywire. It’s been a ridiculously busy week all round, and on top of lots of work and entertaining two children, I’ve also been moving this blog to a new server.

I always have my heart in mouth just doing WordPress updates in case something goes wrong. To be fair, it usually goes without a hitch, but I still remember one particularly traumatic time when the new update broke my blog and I almost had a meltdown trying to fix it all. We use WordPress for 5 different blogs/sites in our household and it falls to me to do the housekeeping on them all, so updates are a bit of an undertaking. At some point, they will all be moved to the new server, but I decided to do them one at a time for this – the potential for problems is just too high for my nerves 🙂

Anyway, this is a roundabout way of telling you that this is the reason I have missed a couple of posts this week. And it also gives me a chance to mention that I may be missing in action in the coming week too, since I’m off on my hols and I’ve been too busy to schedule any posts in advanced (yes, I said busy, not disorganised!).

I shall do my best to blog on the go, and I have invited some people to write guest posts, but if it all goes wrong, try not to miss me too much!

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