Keeping up with Beckhams

cast of baby's feet

Love it or loathe it, the Beckhams’ daughter certainly has a memorable name.  And now the Beckhams themselves have made sure they have something memorable too (other than their beautiful daughter herself, of course), spending thousands of pounds on gold plated casts of Harper’s tiny feet.

Well, you might not be the Beckhams, and you might not have their cash, but you can have beautiful keepsakes of your children just like them – at a fraction of the cost.

The Beckhams used a company which ask parents to make moulds of their children’s feet and then send them off to be made into casts.  At Precious Memories, we are constantly approached by parents who have tried making their own moulds and have found it, well … traumatic, to say the least.  Getting a good mould takes experience and practice, and new parents are often not best placed to get the best out of their baby.  At Precious Memories, we take the hassle out of it, but taking the mould for you – our trained and experienced artists hold casting days at their studios, or can travel to you.

Perhaps you budget doesn’t stretch to gold plated but we can offer you a variety of finishes, including plaster (in a variety of finishes), resins (such as marble and slate), lead crystal, cast bronze or sterling silver.

As well as 3D casts, we offer 2D impressions, again a variety of finishes, and again, we use trained and experienced artists to take the impressions and made sure you get a good result, without the stress.

The Beckhams may have spent thousands of pounds on casts of Harper’s feet, but our special keepsakes start at just £60 and we can offer a huge choice of finish, frame, composition and colour, to suit your budget, decor and wishes.

Visit Precious Memories on Facebook, or find your local studio owner on the Precious Memories website.  You can visit the Nottingham studios on Facebook here.

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