You thought that you could mould me and make me just like you, but I escaped your clutches: I had a different view. I wanted something extra, someone strong and loyal and true. You said that I betrayed you when that someone wasn’t you.

It was a busy day here at Barefoot Towers – flute making, casting, barbecuing and fun in the sun. So I’m just going to post some pics of Plum and Bean. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

A very quick post today because I’ve been out all day, and am tired. Plum has been unwell all week and if by turns very grumpy and very tired. But anyway. I helped someone!

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Bear is 10!  For every copy of Bear’s Birthday sold this month, Barefoot Books will donate a book to Refuge, the charity which helps women and children affected by domestic violence. Click here to buy your copy.  Don’t forget to tell your friends!

I wrote the following as a note on Facebook yesterday.  And then I saw the evening news, and decided it needed a larger audience.  The media seems to be state-run when it comes to covering the strikes over pensions, so much so that I genuinely think the majority[…]