Earlier this week I wrote about how I had emailed my MP asking her to vote against Murdoch’s attempt to take full control of BSkyB, and with it, control of most of our media.

In reality, probably very few women live up to the title; a bit like the number of women who fit Mr Darcy’s idea of accomplished. For the rest of us, illusion is everything.

Unless you have kids of course, in which case illusion is pointless.

Earlier today I emailed my MP about the possible vote taking place in Parliament on Wednesday about Murdoch’s bid to take over BSkyB. In my opinion, it was always a bad idea to allow one person/organisation to control so much of our media, but given the current crop[…]

Time To Stand Up to Murdoch There’s a close vote in parliament about Rupert Murdoch’s latest power grab THIS WEDNESDAY! I’ve just emailed my MP and told them to stand up to Murdoch. It’s easy and it only takes two minutes. Click here to get started

We all know that as they grow up, kids are desperate to be older than they are, to be allowed to do certain things, wear certain things, go to certain places – whether that be going to town with their friends, wearing makeup, drinking alcohol, and all sorts[…]