Look at Me! growing up so fast getting ready for walking just seven months old

1966 was a good year … Happy Birthday to my fabulous husband Stonelaughter

We’ve just come back from having a family meal out and I wanted to post about children’s behaviour in restaurants. I know a lot of people complain about children’s behaviour in restaurants and I’ve even heard it said that children shouldn’t be allowed in restaurants (I suppose they[…]

Some people reading this won’t know much about me at all and some people will know a lot more than this blog reveals. So, I thought for today I would give a little bit more insight into who I am. It’s unlikely, to be honest, that you’ll know anything of any consequence by the end of this list, but hey, info is info 🙂

One thing it did bring today was my new shed. At the moment, it is just a shed, but give me a few days and it will be my new studio. So far, it’s had a coat of white emulsion as a base coat, and tomorrow I will start with painting the actual colour on the walls and ceiling and finally the floor will be done. Then the work will begin – moving in my equipment and making it look nice for clients.