The Bed Project

Bean has a new bed.

He’s been in the same bed since he was a few months old, since we bought him a cot bed.  He could have moved into a big bed ages ago really, but we were trying to get as much use out of it as possible.  He’s had such a growth spurt recently though that his bed was finally too short for him and so the hunt for a new bed began.

We thought about bunk beds but in the end decided on a cabin bed with storage and a desk underneath.  We saw the perfect one, and found several stockists, all of whom had it on offer.  All of which had sold out.  The hunt began again.  We found another one that we liked and bought it.  The beds are made to order though so it looked like we were set to wait for a couple of weeks for it to arrive.  Then yesterday, I got a call to say the bed was ready and on its way!  We cancelled our plans to wait for the delivery. And wait. And wait.  At some point, I realised I had forgotten to order the mattress we had decided on, and so a mad dash to find a suitable mattress ensued.  Once he got home from work, Stonelaughter made a dash to Nottingham to buy the mattress I found.  He got back, with mattress, before the bed arrived.

It finally arrived just before 6pm and Stonelaughter began building it straight away.  There was a lot to it.  Bean needed to go to bed, so we put him in our bed, thinking we would move him over later.  While he was doing that, I made a dash to the supermarket, since I hadn’t been able to go earlier, what with waiting for a delivery …. As well as buying something to make a quick meal with, I also had to buy bedding, having forgotten that Bean’s old bed was shorter and narrower than the new one…

It became apparent that the bed building could not be finished until this morning, at least not without waking the entire street since there was a lot of hammering involved at the end.  New plan.

Bean would clearly have to stay put in our bed.  Plum also sleeps in our bed, and it may be kingsize, but with two children who sleep like starfish, we weren’t all going to get in it.  Stonelaughter decided to sleep on the sofa, and I slept in his spot since Bean had chosen mine for the night. I think it’s safe to say that Bean was the only one who got a decent night’s sleep, despite being ridiculously excited about sleeping in my bed (he was giggling about the fact that he was going to trump in my bed all night ….)  Plum is teething, so was restless and as a result she fed more than usual, so I didn’t sleep well, and Bean snores, so that was nice too.  Stonelaughter was on the sofa, and was very hot in our living room last night.  Plum likes to sleep late into the morning, but with Bean in our bed, he was on the look out for her waking up and the very second she opened half an eye he was there, ready to “entertain” her.  She was desperate to get back to sleep but couldn’t quite bring herself to miss out on his antics.

Bacon butties and vast amounts of fresh coffee got the bed built this morning.  Bean loves it.  Then I had to drag him away to go shopping, whilst his surprise was prepared.  Since his bed has a desk built in, we decided we would set up a compute for him.  We don’t use our desk tops anymore, so one of them was rebuilt to a suitable spec for him and placed on his desk, where he can access Cbeebies and Word, and not a lot else – but he thinks it’s ace!

Whoever thought changing up from a junior bed to a big boy would be such a mammoth task?

Just in case you wondering, behind the wardrobe and ladder, there is a large space – Bean has called this his Secret Space Base.  No baddies or Daddies allowed.  And his new tiger chair is placed at the entrance to the Secret Space Base, in order to keep out the aforementioned baddies and Daddies.  So there.

And I’ve never seen Bean get ready for bed so quickly or eagerly as he did tonight – he couldn’t wait to go to bed in his new bed with his new Cars 2 bedding!

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