Fun in the Sun

I had planned to get some work done this afternoon but a friend told me Sure Start were holding a fun day at our local park today. It’s only a 5 minute walk from our house so we went straight to action stations, which is to say we left home about 2 hours later 🙂

You know how these things go; get the children suitably dressed and slathered in sun cream, eat lunch so we don’t have to buy overpriced, unhealthy stuff whilst we’re out, gather drinks and snacks so we don’t have to eat overpriced, unhealthy stuff whilst we’re out…

Then because the weather is so gorgeous I couldn’t waste the opportunity to get the nappies out on the line, and since that left the washer empty, I thought I may as well get the next load on. After that I was so warm that I needed to change into something cooler. Finally we’re ready to go…

When we got there, the Sure Start staff had provided lots of craft activities and a safari challenge, which Bean loved. After visiting every station, which were spread over a good area of the park, and recording the names of the animals we found, he was awarded a medal. He’s very proud 🙂

Next it was off to the play area, where Plum amused herself scrunching up dry leaves and Bean became an intrepid explorer on the climbing frames. Snack time – Bean readily hoovered up lots of fruit flavoured rice cakes and Plum, desperate not to be outdone, decided to try eating them whole!

Eventually it was time to head home and Bean showed just how much energy he’d expended when he complained about not having brought the car, because now we had such a long walk home. Cheeky monkey!

Just one question though. Why do people have to smoke inside the children’s play area?

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