Ten Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Me

Some people reading this won’t know much about me at all and some people will know a lot more than this blog reveals. So, I thought for today I would give a little bit more insight into who I am. It’s unlikely, to be honest, that you’ll know anything of any consequence by the end of this list, but hey, info is info 🙂

  1. I am a qualified Sound Therapist and was the first person in the UK to hold the Certificate of Sound Therapy qualification, which is a proper, recognised qualification. I specialised in tuning forks, drumming and mantra therapy and of the three, mantra is my favourite.
  2. I once slept rough under the Eiffel Tower, having hitched there from Bath.  On arrival, Gendarmes pointed machine guns at me and the people I arrived with.
  3. As a student, I was on TV three times; once on an election programme, once on the local news being interviewed and once on a cable show where every time I spoke, a woman shouted “evil” at me, because I was defending the availability of the pill on the NHS.
  4. The government once threatened to sue me.
  5. I was married in Sherwood Forest. It was not legally recognised.
  6. As a child, I trained in ballet, tap and ballroom dancing.
  7. I was not born in the UK.
  8. I’ve never seen a Bond film all the way through.
  9. I’m a coffee snob.  I can’t help it.  I used to be a coffee merchant and got used to the good stuff.
  10. I have three tattoos.

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