TFI Friday 15 July

I’m late with this today, but I’ve been busy. Busy feeling ill mostly.  Urgh.  I woke up just after 4am feeling like I’d been hit by a truck, with a bad cough, sore throat and gagging every time I drew breath.  I had no voice by 8am and it’s still barely there now 🙁 No sore throat or sickness now, which is a huge bonus. But I still feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.  I expected to tell you what a positive networking meeting I’d had this morning, but I had to miss it, so I shall find something else positive to say instead.

I finlly sorted out the details and mechanics with my school and handed in my letter of resignation this week.  We discussed it all last week and the decision was made then, but the details weren’t sorted out until this week.  So, they have my resignation, and I am looking forward to the future and all that it might bring.

One thing it did bring today was my new shed.  At the moment, it is just a shed, but give me a few days and it will be my new studio. So far, it’s had a coat of white emulsion as a base coat, and tomorrow I will start with painting the actual colour on the walls and ceiling and finally the floor will be done.  Then the work will begin – moving in my equipment and making it look nice for clients.

Finally, I was chuffed to bits to get a casting weekend booked at Pets at Home for the end of next month.  It’s exciting for me because this could lead to a regular slot if their customers like what I’m offering. Fingers crossed!

Have a great weekend x

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