Wordless Wednesday: Remember these?

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27 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Remember these?

  1. it is amazing how fast those baby geese grow!

  2. Gorgeous, but dangerous! Mich x

  3. One bit my knee once as a kid – I could never forget!!

    My Organized Chaos

  4. gorgeous, we love nature!

  5. Whao.. how fast those geese have grown!! Happy WW

  6. I bet they grow like weeds:)

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  7. Wonderful shots. Have a great WW.

    Simply Delicious

  8. Great shots. Have a great WW.

    Simply Delicious

  9. Ain’t it fun to watch them grow up?

  10. Love the pictures!!

  11. Thanks for the linky! I love your site and would love it if you’d visit me, too. Thanks again!

  12. I love watching the geese and swans. Happy Wordless Wednesday. Thanks for dropping by. I am your newest follower.

  13. Pretty! Happy Wednesday!

  14. Wow! Like others have said, they really do grow fast.

  15. Wow! They are beautiful!

  16. Savvy on said:

    Oh, I am so jealous! I want geese, but our pond has to be built first. I have to admit I’m a bit nervous around them once they get that big. Bad childhood experience. Happy WW!
    P.S. I’m now following through both networks so I won’t miss net weeks post!

  17. Do they fertilize your grass?
    They grow so fast, we have them at a pond here but they like to mess with traffic sometimes!

    • We see these swans on our way home from school. There’s a lake tucked away down there but we often see them crossing the road, or walking alongside it.

  18. Beautiful, but sometimes dangerous. I remember one time a swan was running after me in the Park. It was no fun! ;o)

    Have a happy WW!

  19. We’ve got baby geese in our back yard, too! They grow so fast. We went out of town for a week and when we came back they had shed their fuzz and looked like actual geese!

  20. thanks for all the comments. They’re swans by the way! If you’d like to see how this family looked at the end of May, have a look at my Wordless Wednesday post from then: Family’s first outing

  21. Great pics : )

  22. NYC SingleMom on said:

    some great shots!! Happy WW!!

  23. Great Pictures! I’m following, visiting from the Wordless Wednesday Linky Hop! I will be saying AFLAC all day today in my mind! LOL

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  24. Geese are awesome. I love seeing them fly south for the winter! Happy belated WW!

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