Time to Stand Up to Murdoch – MP Replies

Earlier today I emailed my MP about the possible vote taking place in Parliament on Wednesday about Murdoch’s bid to take over BSkyB.

In my opinion, it was always a bad idea to allow one person/organisation to control so much of our media, but given the current crop of revelations about what one part of his empire has been up to, it seems like a very bad idea to allow him any more power in our media.

So, I emailed my MP to ask her to vote against the takeover. Here is the reply I received this afternoon:

Dear Ms Kelsall,

Thank you for your email on the 11/07/2011 about the phone hacking scandal and possible takeover of BSkyB by Rupert Murdoch company News International.

I was also appalled by the behaviour of the News of the World and I agree that the media needs tough regulations. I am also glad to see there will now be a full judge led inquiry into their conduct, which I hope will start before the summer and see the people responsible punished for their horrendous crimes.

With regards to a possible takeover of BSkyB by News International, I can fully understand your concerns. That why the Labour Party and I, have been asking for the bid from News International for the takeover of BSkyB to be taken out of the hands of politicians and passed to the independent Competition Commission to decide what is in the public’s best interests. I would also be concerned for one section of the media to be allowed to grow so powerful that it becomes insulated from political criticism and scrutiny of its behaviour.

I am in the process of writing to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport and I hope that I can influence the government’s attitude to plough on regardless on the issue of a BSkyB takeover. Once I have received a response I will forward this on to you.

Thank you for taking the time to email me on this subject and if you ever have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact me in future.

Yours sincerely,

Gloria De Piero

If you would like to contact your MP, you can do so very easily through the campaign page at 38 degrees.

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