Oh, the frustration!

As I write this, I have three frustrated children in the house.

My 5 year old was frustrated that he had to get ready for bed and couldn’t eat his own weight in sweets and other things. He went to bed frustrated because he wasn’t ready to sleep. Honest.

My 13 year step son is currently frustrated because he’s trying to work out how to connect his wii drum kit to the wii and still be able to reach. He’s frustrated that the short cuts he tried to take ended up causing him more work. And more than that, he’s frustrated that having got it all set up, and installed himseld on the sofa, he’s forgotten to get a controller in order to actually switch the game on. Shame 😉

And finally, my daughter is frsutrated because she knows exactly what she wants and where she wants to be, but she hasn’t yet developed the skills to manage it. She is so close to crawling but can’t quite get there.  She can get into the crawl position, she can turn around like lightening.  She cann go backwards very effectively, but this makes her unbelievably cross.  And then she gives up and either lies on the floor crying until someone comes to make it all better, or decides this crawling lark really isn’t worth the effort it takes to learn it, and pulls herself up on her feet.  She’s going to be trouble, in the nicest possible way 🙂

And just to finish this off nicely, step-son got up off the sofa, located the wii controllers and then found that every single one of them was out of charge.  Now,  that’s frustration!

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