Wordless Wednesday: An English Rose

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16 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: An English Rose

  1. Mitch on said:

    Very sweet picture!

  2. love the soft color in those old photos..sweet

  3. Absolutely beautiful capture of a beautiful lady.

  4. That’s a nice vintage photograph. Lovely English Rose.

  5. Savvy on said:

    This is a very nice photo! When I look at vintage photographs I always wonder what the subject is thinking at the time.

  6. Great Picture. There is nothing like a Vintage Portrait.

  7. I love this photo. Thanks for sharing. Happy Wordless Wednesday.

  8. I love old pictures like this! Happy Wednesday!

  9. Simply beautiful! Thanks for hosting Wordless Wednesday today!

  10. I love hand colored old pictures. I always sucked at doing it in Graphics class 🙂

    Is this a picture of your mom? She is lovely

  11. I like vintage photo’s. The fact that it’s your grandmother makes it all the more special.

  12. Joules on said:

    I have a bunch of photos like these of my grandma. This shot is lovely:)

  13. Stopping by from WW, i am a little behind on visiting everyones blog! Lovely, absolutely lovely!

  14. Thank for linking up at Tots and Me. Sorry it has taken me so long to come visit. That is a lovely photo of your grandmother.

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